Bring No Room for Wishing to your venue or school!

The show is simply designed to be flexible and easy to produce. It can be performed in virtually any room, with almost any audience seating configuration, as long as there is a wall (or something that can be used as a wall – flats, giant rolling blackboard, etc). We bring a Mac laptop running Qlab software, and connect it to your existing sound system, using available speakers (Via 1/8″, 1/4″ or RCA connectors.) We can also bring a portable sound system with us for an additional small fee. There are no light cues; the show is meant to be performed in full light on both playing space and audience. In theater spaces we’ve performed with a general wash on the playing space and house lights on the audience, we’ve also performed in ambient light in art galleries, community gardens, classrooms, rehearsal halls, etc.

We need about 4 hours of load-in and tech time in the space prior to performance. The performance runs about 90 minutes; we often facilitate a 30-minute talkback afterwards.

Costs are on a sliding scale depending on the context (producing venue, ticket price, number of performances). We’d love to speak to you about what’s possible. Click here to contact us with any inquiries. Thanks for your interest!