The River and the Sea

The River and the Sea

When everyone tells a different story, how do we tell the truth?

The original trailer for The River and the Sea.


The River and the Sea follows the journey of David, a young Jewish American man who travels to Israel/Palestine on a Birthright trip, inspired by his dying grandfather, who always wanted to see the country but never could. He interviews everyone he meets: from a young soldier in Tel Aviv to a young mother from Gaza, a Holocaust survivor to a Sudanese refugee. As the reality of the situation becomes sobering clear, and he is increasingly implicated in a conflict he only set out to document, David is forced to come to terms with his own fears and biases and finally take a stand. Based on a true story and written using the real words of people interviewed by the playwright all over Israel/Palestine in 2012-2013, “The River and the Sea” challenges our notions of history, identity, and belonging.

The River and the Sea was developed with the support of 150 donors, and a two-year residency at New Repertory Theatre in Watertown, MA.

Next Voices

The River and the Sea received two staged readings at the Next Rep Festival at New Repertory Theatre, as part of the Next Voices Staged Readings Series: on March 24, 2014,  featuring David Berger-Jones, Elle Borders, Michelle Dowd, Becca Lewis, Greg Maraio, Theresa Nguyen, Bari Robinson, and Mark Soucy; and on March 30, 2015, featuring Lydia Barnett-Mulligan, Nate Gundy, Greg Maraio, Bari Robinson, and Meg Taintor. Both readings were directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian


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